Hello! Della and Robert here, co-producers of the Upstream Podcast, an audio

Today, we’re happy to share with you our recently completed project, the Commons Transition Primer website, with new and adapted texts by P2P Foundation members (including its founder, Michel Bauwens and our colleagues in the P2P Lab). Featuring specially commissioned illustrations and infographics, this Primer emphasizes the value of P2P and Commons approaches to work, politics, economy, environment and culture.

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Playing for Team Human today is Neal Gorenflo from Shareable.net. Neal joins Douglas to spread the word about Shareable’s latest resource, Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.

This new post by ‘Athens Alexander’ on the FairCoop blog reflects on the theoretical implications of the FairCoin achieving parity with the Euro:

What the attainment of 1:1 signifies is a practical example of a successful deployment of a large-scale, cutting-edge technological venture connected to cooperativist organisations in the real world.

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When an idea grows far beyond its original conception it can become the very enemy of the original idea.